Aklan: Boracay Island

We all know that Boracay is one of the most visited place here in the Philippines. It is really well-known for its awesome white-sand. Say it again please!  AWESOME. louderrr!!! AWESOME!!!!  plus the beach-back-to-back-night-party (even though, I haven't tried this one. hihi. maybe next time! When I'm ready to get wasted in the sand of boracay, baby!). 

I visited this island for the second time and this place is still appealing to me. It never fail everyone to smile and that's for sure.

There's a lot of accommodation in Boracay- in Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. So if' you're in a tight budget but still dreaming for a good and happy Bora experience, I suggest you to get a hotel or guesthouse in the station 2. There's a lot there. Affordable yet adorable! And It's near to the lively night life of station 1.

My brief vacation here is still fun even though I haven't tried the most loved thing about this island -the night life. Since I'm with my younger siblings, the day 1 was spent for our All-Day-Beach-Bumming. Since I'm with the kids, and I'm still considered as a kid, enjoying the beach is all I can do in bora - Swim, island hopping, swim, play with the beautiful sand and of course the another creating-tan-lines-moment,. We also enjoyed shopping there and the food tripping.