Manila: Star City

I believe Star City is one of the answers when you are craving for some fun-filled getaway from your daily hectic schedule. it's an amusement park here in the metro!

last October 21, I went to Star city with some of my friends.
I'm not really a fan of thrilling rides.. I'm already solved with Bump cars! haha. But since I'm with my friends and most of them are boys, I have no choice but go with them.. well, It's a good choice, I really really had fun.

Star Flyer - an inverted roller coaster.
 photo from google images

This is the first adult-scary- ride we've tried since the line of people is so short. At first, I'm really so scared to try this because of the news and accidents I've seen on TV before.

So when it's our turn, my heart is really pounding..and FEET UP!!
It's a short round and I find it SAFE !

We've have tried this twice.. first and last! One of the best.

Surf Dance 
This one is the scariest for me. Super feeling ko malalaglag ako. Kung wala akong mga kasama, pinagsisigaw ko na lahat ng hinanakit ko sa lovelife ko. chos!

another photo from google images

Wild River
It's like Jungle Log Jam in Enchanted Kindom...
I'm afraid to try this before.

Winter Funland
This is one of our favorites. It's like Japan! haha. snow snow snow!
 I also love the ice slide (is that a even a term?) Haha. I'm always nervous everytime I ride and do the slide thingy because it slides too fast.

Me with my  friends
I'm lazy to use watermarks today

We also tried the Blizzard- a variety of roller coaster, which is not really scary for me. haha. or maybe because I already tried the two main attraction? The Ferris Wheel is also good. Madalas pang couples yun. Pero kami, we find it more thrilling when we all ride in one balloon.. we're like. "Omaygaad! wag kayo malikot, baka kumalas"

On the other hand, I'm a little bit disappointed to Vikings. It is not that scary and heart pumping as expected and as compared to the Anchor's Away of enchanted Kingdom. I tried that before when I was younger. sabagay, iba talaga ang level ng thrill pag batang paslit ka pa :p

We tried almost all adult rides and horror house. And We're lucky because the theme park was not populated that day. No long lines to deal with. So if you are planning to visit Star City, I suggest you do it during weekdays.

the entrance fee:
It's P400+ (as of this writing) if you want the ride-all-you-can with Winter Funland experience.
375 if Ride-All-You-Can only