Zambales: Mt. Pinatubo

I, together with my workmates, went to Tarlac for this adventure. This experience is definitely one of my favorites. (warning: It's a long post)

The exciting1-hour 4x4 ATV ride: 
Upon arriving to the base camp, I was so surprised when I saw a lot of people. So sikat pala si Ms.Beautiful Mt. Pinatubo. kala ko ako lang! HAHA. char! Anyway, back to the 4x4 ride thingy, this experience is really fun.  And hello! THIS IS NOT AN ORDINARY RIDE.  Passing through the rocky-ashy-muddy terrain is definitely one of the coolest. And what makes this ride an extraordinary? Ehem! I made an instant intimate relationship with any steel I could hold on during that ride. Sweet right? Hooray for this sweet Adventure!

The 2 1/2 hour trek (one way):
After the one hour 4x4 ride adventure is the trekking part of the trip.
This one is really challenging! passing through the ashy road, huge rocks and streams is quite difficult for me. Actually, I keep getting sudden cramps in toes and feet after some stream crossings. Thanks God, we have a very thoughtful tour guide who patiently assisted us everytime we cross streams.

Getting closer: The Amazing Crater Lake
Of course there's a reward for every hardship you will give! And for that makaubos-pawis-hardship I gave, enduring the 2 1/2 hour trek amidst the heat, this volcano gave me the breathtaking view for my eyes to see and amazing backdrop for my photo that I can cherish for a life time. Yeah boy!

What I love about this trip:
-Very stunning.As in super duper stunning. The color of the lake, the relaxing scenery, the almost untouched nature. errr. So perfect! Every sweat from the trek is worth it!

-No other lake has such turquoise blue color.
-Trekking in a crow canyon valley is fun.

-First Trekking experience

What I hate:
Nothing! this is really perfect. Especially for those who love trekking.

What I have learned from this trip:
1. I love Philippines. I'm so proud.. hehe
2. I discovered my deep love for nature.
3. I can climb mountain.

It's actually shouldered by my project team but we arranged this trip with Tripinas Travel and Tour Ventures.
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It's more fun in the Philippines. yeah, it is!