DIY Trip: Ilocos Itinerary

WADDUP! Are you planning for a 3-day Full Ilocos Escapade? Looking for itinerary? You may want to check this out for your future fun-filled and sulit getaway!

If you will be bringing car,  travel duration is between 8-10 hrs from Manila. So better leave Manila around 9PM and bring foods and snacks to eat while on trip! ^_^

Day 1
07:00 AM   ETA Ilocos
08:00 AM   ETA Vigan. 
                 You will pass by at Vigan so you may take your breakfast there. 
                 Actual vigan tour will be done on last day.


Things to do in Ilocos Sur

1. Walk and Feel the throwback aura at Calle Crisologo.
Calle Crisologo is a cobblestoned street, lined with century old filipino-spanish stuff and architecture. plus, the romantic lighting and view at night!

2. EAT. Try their famous Vigan Empanada, bagnet and longanisa
I love bagnet and longanisa but I didn't enjoy the empanada. Anyway, my friends and many other people liked it. :)

3. Tour around by riding a Calesa.

4. Visit Hidden Garden. If you love gardening, you'll appreciate this!

5. Visit Baluarte. Meet the animals there, some are wild and rare!

6. Visit and pray inside St. Paul's Cathedral (also called Vigan Cathedral)

Beautiful! I love the bell tower


10 Things to do in Ilocos Norte

1. Visit The Paoay Church.

This most famous church of North Luzon is made of mixed coral  stones and bricks and was constructed from 1694 till 1719. Just do the math for the construction duration or for its age :). It is one of the 4 baroque churches in the Philippines and considered as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Another interesting fact about this church is its “Earthquake Architecture”. Its bell tower are separated, so if in case it collapse, it will not affect the church. They also put huge buttresses (with curve details) on the sides of church so it will not easily give up during earthquake.

I also love the “greeny” effect around and how it stood under the sky. I'm just a little bit wrong timing since it was cloudy during the time of our visit but I could still imagine the stunning scenery when the sky is clear and blue.

If you plan to visit Ilocos Norte, you should not miss this beautiful iconic church.

Are you visiting Ilocos Norte?

My Christmas Wishlist

Yep! Christmas is just around the corner so it's now time for me to write down my Christmas Wishlist. I actually have few items but they are big, so this list is really enough.


1. Ipad Mini - I never have an iPad or any tablet ever since it came out to the market. Actually, I want to try iOS and I'm rooting between iPhone 5s and iPad mini. But iPhone is so so expensive and practically, I still have a decent android smartphone. So yeah, tablet, I've been dying to own one at least before the year ends.

2. Car - Yup, it's kinda big wish! To be honest, I've been planning to buy one since March. All things we're already settled and bank loan were already approved. I actually became oh so crazy thinking for its name but it was postponed due to some unexpected things. Not the right time. So, I think December is the time. Why Avanza? Because I want a big car(and we're kinda big family) and you know, I can't afford Montero Sport or Hyundai Tucson. hehe

The first two is actually my target for myself. Of course I don't expect anyone to give me these, especially the car. WUHAHA CROSSFINGERS!!!!

3. Books - I've been into reading since last year. It started with John Green's  The Fault in Our Stars then I got hooked. Ever since then, I fell in love with the books(not in e-books). I decided to have my first batch list which is composed of 10 books.

  ☑  1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  ☑  2. It's kinda Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
  ☑  3. Everyday by David Levithan
  ☑  4. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom
  ☑  5. PaperTowns by John Green 
       6. Looking for Alaska by John Green
       7. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

I have already completed the first 5, currently I'm reading John Green's Looking for Alaska and Will Grayson is next in line. I still have 3 missing books to complete my list of 10. So here's my book wish

    - Why We Broke Up
    - Eleanor & Park
    - The Silver Linings Playbook