La Union: The Circle Hostel

The Circle Hostel made our travel different from usual. For me, the highlight of my La Union trip was my stay here than our stay in Thunderbird resort. Both stay are my favorite but yeah.. The Circle Hostel is way wayyyy different from the others! (plus cheap)

photo grabbed at http://www.launion.thecirclehostel.com/
This hostel is an open-air accommodation, perfect for solo backpacker who's open to meet (and mingle with) fellow backpackers. This is built with open hut, no divider between bunk beds and hammocks. There's also free strong wi-fi connection and Free breakfast too, except for the coffee. Locker rooms are also offered for free, you just have to bring your own padlock. If you will choose to stay here, be friendly, wear a smile and surely you will win a friend. 

What makes it special for me are their tagline "There are no Strangers". It is true that you will meet nice travelers there. One night, while I am sleeping in the common area, with nipa mat on the floor and bin bag as my pillow, I was bothered by the sound of gecko.. I am trying to find it as it sounds so near when a Canadian guy who is swinging from one of the hammocks noticed me. I saw him smiling/laughing while I am trying to figure out where the gecko is(I know I looked funny that time). When I noticed him, he came to my space and ask me why I woke up (as if it's not obvious). He sit beside me and asked so many questions. Then after that, we exchange travel stories...

Also, I love the artworks around. Guests are allowed to vandal and paint the hostel. Yeah, we are allowed to leave a mark! Like a kiddo who loves to draw on the wall, I am so excited for this. Qoutes, motto, doodles... everything in different colors send a happy vibes.

 Me and my friends at the Common Area

Some of the marks left by guests...

At first, we were actually hesitant to sleep in this hostel since hammocks is the only available. But we have no choice since all of the hotels and inns nearby were already fully booked. Well, we just paid for the hammocks(for only 350 pesos per head) but we actually slept at the common area. Bin bags there are soooo comfortable!

And Oh! before I forgot... The restroom are clean and well maintained. Common restroom with more than four cubicles, (I didn't count, I'm just sure, it's more than 4 :p) and has powerful showers and bidets.

Final say... If ever I'll be visiting La Union to surf or just beach bumming and sunset watching, I'll choose to stay here.

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