Pouring Rain

I'm staring at the windshield,
as its wiper dances;
outside are trees swaying in the wind,
and leaves falling from its branches.

Your name suddenly crossed my mind,

then piece of this heart struck by sadness.
Both gave up from being entwined,
Me, just like leaves; you, just like branches.

But unlike branches and leaves, a tree when combined,

ours are so vague and undefined.
So complex, too many answers to find.
I wish I can just leave everything behind.

Raindrops racing down outside this window pane

And thoughts of you are now all that remain.
'cause this reminds me of that night under the pouring rain,
when you ran away, no goodbyes, and just crossed the lane.

This. I never really dreamt of this.

But this is how you want it to end, I guess.
Perhaps it will make us smile someday.
So I will not throw everything away,crazy ones will stay.



07.08.2015 | QC