Hello there! My name is Kisa. Student of life. Certified sweet tooth. I always indulge myself in anything sweet - cookies, brownies, chocolates and the likes. I love adding sugar in my system, so yep! I'm sweet enough. I believe I am  freaking awesome at spilling pick-up-lines and knock-knock-jokes to my boyfriend. HAHA. Ask him!

I love late nights, as well as early mornings. I like beach a little more than the mountains. The sound of waves are music to my ears. I love watching sunset, as well as kissing the rain. I'm also into stars and badly  dreaming to own a big telescope.

My personality test result lies between amiable and analytical. My weakness is I worry way too much about what other people think. unfortunately.

I am a Software Engineer by profession. Speaks machine language. Traveling is my perfect escape, second option is reading  :)

I think that’s all. Oh yes, and I have a shih tzu dog named Mocha. She waits for me everynight and she's sweet too.

more of me and how I roll things coming soon :)

The End!


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